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2014.06.26 - New Coupler Online shop - The launch of our new online Microscope Camera Coupler shop    2013.12.15 - New Camera Coupler Brochure - We have a new Camera Coupler Brochure    2011.07.24 - New Digital Large Format Adapter - 1.9x F-Mount to cover 43mm diagonal chip of the 35mm variety now available   
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Welcome to Best Scientific Web

Welcome to Best Scientific Couplers new Website, this new site will introduce and educate you to everything you will need to know about the Optem Camera Coupler.

Best Scientific is an established provider of optical solutions to a diversity of markets, specialising in microscopy, metrology, machine vision, and life sciences. A truly value added supplier, Best Scientific is able to configure bespoke optical solutions for a wide set of applications ranging from digital imaging and analysis through industry, and life sciences.

On this site you can also follow a few easy steps and purchase the coupler required for your specific needs. If you follow the steps we will talk you through how to make the selections to get the right purchase for your needs.

To use this site to the best of its abilities first of all you need to choose from the products menu on the top bar the kind of coupler you desire, if you are not sure each product has a full explanation on the page of what it is and what it does. At the bottom of each page is also an optional guide with a full brochure page to browse if you are still not sure.

Once you have selected the variety of Coupler on the right hand side is a Coupler Selector, to purchase the coupler you just need to select from the listed options which best suite your requirements. Once you have filled in all the options the selector will generate the correct coupler for you and give you the option to purchase.

Some Couplers will only be available to purchase directly due to their specialist nature so please do not hesitate to contact us and if you are not sure of your requirements again please do not hesitate to contact us.

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